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Psychic Dictionary


Our Psychic Dictionary contains descriptions of psychic and clairvoyant terms and related topics to give you knowledge about this broad and interesting subject.


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Astrology is considered a science of divination and is based upon the movement and position of some important stars and planets at the exact time, date and place of birth of every human being.

Aura is a kind of halo or the subtle energy field that surrounds each person.

Aztec Astrology is unlike the modern calendars of 365 days, as it consists of 260 days. Aztec astrologers believe in the mysterious impact of certain celestial rhythms in the sky on the human beings and other circumstances on earth.



Channeling is the act of connecting with the spirits of other world.

Clairaudience is the art of hearing voices, music, and sounds that are not audible to the normal ear, and may not be of physical form.

Clairsentience is a French word, which means clear sensing. Clairsentience refers to psychic ability to sense the truth from a chaos and confusion of truth and falsehood.

Clairvoyance comes from the word Clair which means clear vision

Clairvoyant Medium is usually a psychic who acts as a channel or medium to go to the root of the situation or the problem.

Clairvoyant is a French term, which means seeing clearly.



Déjà vu Déjà vu is a French term, which means ‘already seen’ or ‘seen before.’

Depossession means that the mind and body of the subject is gripped or controlled by some spirit or ghost or some memories of his past life.

Divination is the spiritual expression for foretelling or forecasting the future.

Dowsing has been used extensively since ancient times for the purpose of divination.



Empathy means getting into the mind of someone else so as to know how the person thinks or feels.

ESP is an acronym for Extra Sensory Perception. As the phrase denotes, the perception is extra sensory, meaning thereby, it cannot take place through the use of our normal five senses.


Feng Shui means wind and shui means water and both are essential for good harvest and good health and therefore good fortune.

Fortune Telling involves supernatural and mystical means to predict the future.


Ghost is a spirit, energy, spiritual personality or an apparition of the dead person.

Graphology is the study of handwriting, which enables the graphologist to understand the personality traits of the subject.


Halo is a circle or a disc of light that is often shown around the heads of angels, saints, gods, goddesses and other sacred and divine personalities in their photos.


Intuition means knowing something instinctively without the use of any rational process or deductive logic.


Karmic Astrology believes in the theory of karma or action, which is based primarily on the Hindu philosophy of as you sow so, shall you reap.



Lucid Dreams means mental clarity and refers to a state of awareness that you are dreaming when you are actually dreaming in your sleep.


Mysticism seeks to establish communion with the ultimate reality, god, divinity or spiritual truth through direct experience, intuition, meditation and similar other methods.

Metaphysics examines the nature of reality and relationship between the mind and matter.


Near Death Experiences or NDEs refer to the experiences of those people who are almost dead -- clinically dead, but somehow come back to life due to cardiac resuscitation or other modes of treatment.

New Age is a short form for New Age Movement which has recently come into being as a protest against the regimented and centralized religious beliefs that prohibit the expression of individual views.

Numerology is a mystical science of numbers that is used by the psychics to analyze the nature and personality of an individual and predict his future.


Occult owes its origin to Latin word occultus which means hidden or paranormal knowledge that cannot be discovered through our five physical senses.

Ouija Board is a talking or a messaging board and is used to communicate with the spirits.

Omens Of Jupiter are signs indicating a certain future which are communicated by the planet Jupiter.

Omens Of Saturn are signs indicating a certain future which are communicated by the planet Saturn.

Out Of Body Experiences are an experience or sensation of floating out of the body.



Palmistry is the art of divining the future of a person by studying the palm of the hand.

Parapsychology is the study of psychic or paranormal phenomena that cannot be explained through the laws of physical science.

Paranormal is beyond the range of normal experience or scientific rationalization.

Phrenology studies the personality traits and the mind of a person by scrutinizing the bumps and fissures in the skull or the head.

Physiognomy is the study of human nature through the facial features of a person.

Precognition Precognition is the psychic ability to have a foreknowledge of the impending events, situations and thoughts even before they actually occur.

Premonition owes its origin to a Latin word praemonēre, which means to have a forewarning of the future events.

Prophecy is the utterance of a prophet about future.

PSI is a Greek letter that is used to describe any ostensibly strange event that cannot be explained through scientific or conventional knowledge.

Psychic refers to a person who possesses the psychic or paranormal powers.

Psychic Academy is an educational institution that aims at training the students to become psychics or diviners.

Psychic Dreams have deep implications for our life, they point out towards our future or other vital problems that have a great bearing on our wellbeing.

Psychic Encounter is a strange, inexplicable event or circumstance that occurs all of the sudden that points to an ominous event.

Psychic Events often contain words or messages that have deep bearing on our past, present or future life.

Psychic Experience an inexplicable experience that cannot be explained by any stretch of imagination or logic.

Psychic Eye or Third Eye is the name of a psychic power or vision that is laser sharp.

Psychic Gifts are abilities such as foretelling the future and narrating the incidents of their past life.

Psychic Mediums are people who act as channels or conduits of information between the people of this world and the other world of spirits and spiritual energies.

Psychic Network is an organization of like-minded people who are interested in the study and practice of psychics.

Psychic Paramount is the name of an American avant-garde psychic rock group.

Psychic Visions are like premonitions and they occur whenever a psychic calls upon these through their visual powers.

Psychokinesis is a controlled movement of an inanimate object through the power of mind or psychic power.

Psychometry is when a psychic can read the history of a person simply by touching his objects which appear to emanate sounds, smells, images, tastes and even emotions.



Reincarnation means taking birth again after the death of the existing body.

Retrocognition is the ability to elicit the knowledge of the past events.

Runes are imbibed with magic powers that are used to study the human nature and forecast the future as well.



Spirit Guides are astral entities, made of divine light or energy. Spirit guides work at different levels according to their spiritual status.

Spiritualist Medium is a psychic who goes into trance and communicates with spirits, ghosts, angels, gods and goddesses.


Tea Leaf Reading involves interpreting the certain designs, images, patterns or symbols formed by tea leaves.

True Psychic Stories are the narration of authentic experiences involving paranormal and unexplainable occurences.