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Psychic Abilities

There are several psychic abilities that the psychics use to understand the personality and nature of their clients and predict their future. The basic nature of all the abilities is the same ─ it is spiritual. All these abilities originate from the spirit or mind of the psychic. The truth is that the word ‘psychic’ itself means of or about ‘mind, soul or spirit’. So, the spirit or soul of a psychic is the fountain head of all his psychic abilities.

Again, the existence of spirit or soul cannot be detached from the divine. This is the reason that the psychics ‘divine’ the future of their clients.

Below are some of the psychic abilities


The first and the most important psychic ability—a divine ability—is intuition. Intuition can be explained as the ability of a psychic to accurately prejudge a situation without any logical reflection or effort. It is a natural yet instantaneous mental/intellectual response, a prediction of what is going to happen.

Intuition is often experienced by common people. Sometimes, people may not be aware why they think or act in a particular way, but the end result is that the action proves to be invariably beneficial – in fact more beneficial than what would have happened had they gone by their intellectual reasoning. Intuition just happens. You don’t know how and why, but you are, nonetheless, amazed by its results. You thank your stars you followed your intuition.

There are several examples to show that people do sometimes experience the power of institution in their daily lives. You are about to board a plane, but turn back at the last moment. You don’t know why. A short while thereafter you get the news that the plane crashed.

In more common occurrence of intuition, you know who is at the door or the other side of the phone as soon as the bell rings. Or, you know what song is on the air even before you switch on the radio.

The problem with common people is that the intuition happens like a flash of lightening and takes them unawares. Psychics, on the other hand, have the ability to harness the power of institution and use if for the benefit of mankind. Even the psychics do not make any conscious effort to evoke their intuition. It comes into action-- wakes up-- as soon as the clients appear before them or ask their question. It seems to surface automatically like a premonition if anything momentous is about to take place.

As mentioned above, intuition is a divine ability and is endowed upon the spiritually elevated psychics. They mostly inherit it from their parents or grandparents—mostly mothers and grandmothers. This is probably because women are more sensitive, intuitive than men. There are others who bring their intuitive ability from their previous birth. They carry it forward to evolve it further in their present and the future life.

Intuition is the fountainhead of all the psychic abilities.



Clairvoyance is a French word which means seeing clearly. This ‘seeing clearly’ is different from what ordinary people perceive by their physical eyes. It is like we say, “Oh, I see!” when a sudden, new and important understanding or perception dawns upon us.

Clairvoyance is an extension, an offshoot of the basic psychic ability of intuition. A clairvoyant psychic graphically sees a situation or an event with his mind’s eye that cannot be seen or understood by an ordinary person. The psychic can thus see through the space and time, past and future. Clairvoyance is both a telescopic and microscopic vision. Clairvoyance and clairaudience (clear hearing) are overlapping psychic abilities.

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