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A genuine psychic is God’s gift to the troubled humanity. He is, in most cases, born with the psychic talent. We often hear the stories of great psychics who see visions in their early childhood. They narrate some incidents or situations about their family about which only their elders know. Some psychics inherit the divinatory talents from their fathers,  mothers or grand parents. This kind of ability is a part of their family tradition. They hone up and enrich their psychic talents as they grow up.

A genuine psychic unravels the universal mysteries so that his clients can lead more productive life. He resolves the enigmas which most people face by providing life’s answers. A genuine psychic is not driven by greed for money while working for his clients. Though money is essential for livelihood, the driving force for a genuine psychic is to do good to his clients and assure them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for them.

A genuine psychic may ask only for your date of birth and the problem that you face so that he checks your horoscope in the light of your problem. He will not try to fish out answers from the clients by asking them indirect and suggestive questions, say about their age and the place they live. The place where they live can indicate much about their life style, social status, education and so on.

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A genuine psychic does not ask questions, he gives answers. A genuine psychic will not try to play on the simplicity and trust of the clients by painting a threatening scenario so that they feel compelled to buy spells, candles, potions and so on from him. A genuine psychic may offer some free service to allow the clients to ask a few questions of his choice to test his predictive skills. He will deliver both the good and the bad honestly and dispassionately. He does not hide the unpalatable truths for the fear of losing his clients; neither does he give a reading that sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale. A genuine psychic will reveal some personal information that is not a common knowledge but is known alone to the client to prove that he can be truly connected with the client. He will not use weird psychic lingo that is beyond the understanding of an ordinary client but will use simple and day- to- day language to communicate his views. He does not raise false hopes and charge high prices to fulfill them; neither does he manipulate the clients so that they return again and again to him for readings.

A genuine psychic does not talk ominously about the evil spirits, witches or weave fearful tales. He does not talk about accidents, deaths to demoralize the clients. This is an unprofessional behavior and a fear manipulation tactic. A genuine psychic does not pretend to be a god, but acts like a human being. He encourages the client seekers to change their perspectives and see the circumstances in positive light. Some times the situations and times cannot be changed. We have to change ourselves. For example, a dead person cannot be brought back to life; neither can a living person die with the dead one. So a genuine psychic offers positive advice to his clients to live with such tragic situations and work for the betterment of their life. He offers strategies and plans to his clients to take the life in their stride and continue forging ahead.

Most clients do not need magic to change their life. They just need helpful tips and new insights. For example, a psychic may assure his client that there the night is always bound to end and day is bound to dawn. So we have to be patient with our life since we cannot change it immediately. Or, that the present problem is only a way of squaring our karmic accounts. Once the account is cleared off, the problems will fade away and life would be happy once again. A good psychic also tries to instill in his clients the love of God and belief in his benevolence. If you have been scammed by a Psychic and is now afraid of receiving the help of a Genuine Psychic. Please be rest assured that our Genuine Psychics will not take advantage of you, they will be there for you to give you honest truths that they see and let you know of the things you can do to solve and fix the situation.