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Virgo - The Virgin (Aug 22 - Sept 23)

The negative and earthy sign Virgo is associated with intellectual power. They are calm, level-headed and practical of all the twelve types. They are ruled by the harmonious, messenger of the gods Mercury. Virgo is symbolized by a Virgo holding sheaves of wheat in her hands, symbolizes wisdom, garnered in the fields of experience.

Virgo people are pliant and adaptable with a remarkable eye for detail. They can readily vary their manner and behaviour to suit the company in which they find themselves. Those who are born under this sign set their heart upon anything; they will not stop at nothing to attain it. They are also modest and reserved; they shrink from publicity and will not talk readily about their own affairs, preferring to criticize the actions of others and analyze their motives. They are entirely individual and the team spirit.

Virgos are fond of harmony, elegance and perfection, and their taste is restrained and austere. They are very fond of reading, and are able to remember very clearly a great deal of what they read and see.

Professions and Occupations

Virgo are well fitted to enter the law of politics. They are also favors the occupations of literary, music, and dramatic critic, editor, corrector of the Press, doctor, policeman and detective. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, governs clerical work; therefore the professions of secretary, accountant, schoolmaster, printer and stationer are also indicated.

Marriage and Friendship

Virgo are generally well suited to married life, being faithful, dutiful and proud of their family. The happiness of their union may depend upon their ability to control their proclivity for criticism and fault finding. Their best affinities for marriage and friendship occur with Taurus and Capricorn.