What is Psychic?

The word psychic owes its origin to Greek word ‘psyche’, which means spirit or soul. A question arises what is the soul or spirit made of? When we say that there are evil or good souls or spirits, it means that soul or spirit has some relationship with human nature. Human nature, in turn, consists of feelings, emotions and sentiments. If a person is cruel, merciless or evil minded, we say that that person has an evil nature or is an evil soul.

It means that the word ‘psyche’ is comprehensive and it includes not only the soul or the spirit, but also its components, i.e., the feelings, emotions and sentiments of the human beings.

Coming back to defining the word psychic, a psychic is a person who deals with human psyche in its widest sense. The term ‘dealing with psyche’ means that the psychic studies, researches and   analyses human psyche in all its dimensions.

The psychic’s function does not merely stop with analysing the psyche like it is an object of study in the laboratory. The psychic does not perform the duty of a lab technician in an objective or detached manner.

On the other hand, a psychic gets almost emotionally involved  with the client’s psyche in the sense that he/she tries to eliminate the  evil, negative or harmful content out of it and transforms it into a positive, pure and blissful entity.

Going by the above description, a psychic can be defined as an evolved and a compassionate soul whose main objective in life is to bring a positive change in the psyche of the client-subjects.

Since psychics themselves are highly evolved souls, they are blessed with certain superhuman powers such as clairvoyance, empathy, intuition, third eye and especially the power of telekinesis. They use these powers to transform and purify human souls so that they can live more positively and happily.