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True Psychic Stories

It is not unusual for the stories of strange and supernatural phenomena to get salted and spiced up as they travel from mouth to mouth. So much gets added to the original substance that the whole narration appears a figment of imagination rather than the truth. 

It is, therefore, essential that the narration of psychic stories should remain as much closer to truth as possible so that their authenticity is not questioned. Here is an accurate sample of true psychic story without any frills:

Stephan, a middle aged man who loved his wife and 7-year son very much, was diagnosed with cancer. One day he asked his son to go out and play outside. As the child was busy playing, he saw his father going out of the house and walking down the road.

He called out to his father who asked him to go back to his mother. When the child came back, his mother told him that his father had died and that she too had seen him walking the same way.

Later on the lady found that her husband would often visit her in the kitchen to enquire about their welfare quite the same way he used to do when he was alive.