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Tea Leaf Reading

The practice of tealeaf reading for divination is as old as the tea drinking itself--- around 5,000 years old. Since Chinese are the great lovers of tea, tea leaf reading originated from ancient China and later on spread to other parts of the world.

Tea leaf reading involves dropping dried tea leaves in a cup of hot water. The information seeker is asked to sip the tea after rotating it clockwise. The drinker may find the first sip is easy as he can avoid taking in the tea leaves.

But it becomes relatively more difficult to avoid taking in the tea leaves even if he swirls the tea to consume more of it. A time may come when there are more tea leaves than the water in the cup and the seeker may not drink it any more.

If you look into the cup, the tea leaves have formed certain designs, images, patterns or symbols. They emit some flashes of energy which evoke certain feelings or reactions.  Reading these symbols or designs for divination is called tea leaf reading.