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Spiritualist Medium

A spiritualist medium is a psychic who goes into trance and communicates with spirits, ghosts, angels, gods and goddesses. The psychic may himself go into trance or induce someone else to go into it.

Spiritualist mediums also talk with the spirits of the dead and exchange messages between them and their survivors. It hardly needs to be mentioned that even a simple ‘hi’ conveyed by the spirit of the departed son to his mother means so much for her happiness.

Sometimes, a person dies suddenly in extremely painful circumstances and also takes away some crucial family information with him/her. The spiritualist medium contacts the spirit of the dead person and enquires about his experiences at the time of the death. He also gets the desired family information. Apart from this, the spiritualist medium has his own guiding spirit, which acts like his guardian angel. It advises the psychic from time to time about resolving the difficult problems of his client-subjects.