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Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are astral entities. They are made of divine light or energy. Spirit guides work at different levels according to their spiritual status. We hear of winged angels who present themselves whenever their subjects or protectees need them in their hour of difficulty.

Most psychics have their individual spirit guides who advise them on various issues.  While some psychics communicate with their spirit guides by going into trance, there are others who can evoke them without going into trance. Probably the psychics automatically assume a trance like state even while they interact with their clients or appear to working like normal human beings.

The spirit guides also appear in dreams in various forms and make predictions or provide guidance. They also appear as human beings, do the required help in the hour of need and vanish out of sight. Sometimes, they just communicate through invisible sources of voice and are audible to psychics who have the powers of clairaudience, clairvoyance or clairsentience.