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Scrying is a paranormal act of seeing the physical visions for the purpose of guidance or divination. It is also called crystal gazing.  The mediums used for scrying are usually crystals, stones, glass mirrors, water, fire or even smoke, in short, anything that has glass like quality, smoothness or brightness. Most scrying is done through crystal balls with smooth surface. You can also scry through a bowl of liquid, pond, or even a thumbnail. These visions are also generated by the spirits, angels, archangels, gods, or, divine energies depending upon the beliefs and practices of the psychics.

The process of scrying involves visualizing or seeing with intense concentration into the medium. The focused concentration on the image enables the psychics to go into trance.

An easier technique is to deliberately look for the desired images and keep describing the visuals as you start scrying. Vocal description or affirmation of the images helps in developing concentration by keeping the attention from going astray.