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Sagittarius - The Archer (Nov 23 - Dec 22)

Sagittarius is the third of the fiery sign, and is symbolized by an archer, or a centaur, drawing his bow. In magnetism it is positive, and it is under the rule of the benign and expansive planet Jupiter. This sign are distinguished by frankness, sincerity and optimism. They display great sympathy with human nature, and are generous and charitable to a degree. They like being made repository of other people’s troubles, and are very fond of giving advice.

Sagittarius are very sociable, and are popular in friendly and convivial gathering. They are essentially honest and hate deception and trickery in any form, and usually they live very respectable lives and bow unfailingly to convention. Sagittarius are always ready, and even anxious to shoulder responsibilities.

Being gifted with considerable strength of will, they show great independence and insist on conducting their affairs and living their lives in their own way.

Many people born under Sagittarius are deeply religious, and their faith in moral and spiritual matters seldom falters. Others are fond of philosophizing, and in this direction often display great depth of thought.

Professions and Occupations

Sagittarians are naturally fitted for positions of authority in which their advice, aid and judgment can be sought by others. Thus they excel in medicine, the law and the Church. They often have a deep love of music and make excellent musicians.

Marriage and Friendship

Sagittarians have a great capacity for friendship and are popular among their associates. They make good husbands, wives and parents who never shirk the responsibilities of family life. They are fond of home life, and take a great pride in the comfort and adornment of their home.

Sagittarians are most harmoniously with Aries and Leo.