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A rune is a letter, symbol or a character of Germanic alphabet that was used in 3rd century to Middle Ages by ancient Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon and German people in their written communications. Runes were also considered to be magical characters and were inscribed in small pieces of wood. They were used for the purpose of divination. 

Runes are somewhat like the digits that are used in Numerology. They are imbibed with magic powers that are used to study the human nature and forecast the future as well.  The sight of runes, like the numbers in Numerology or the tarot cards, sends the psychics into the astral world through a state of trance. They counsel the clients or divine their future accordingly.

The other way to use the magical powers of runes is to meditate over their forms or visualize them with intense concentration. Some psychics draw their images in the air with the help of their index fingers or the magic wand and meditate over them.