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The word psychometry has been derived from Greek. While ‘psycho’ means spirit or soul, ‘metry, or, metron’ means measurement. Psychometry is a paranormal ability that enables the psychics to glean information about an individual by checking objects belonging to him/her. 

The word psychometry is close in implication to “token object reading”. It was, first, coined by Joseph Rhodes Buchanan in 1842. According to him all things “give off an emanation.”

It means that a psychic can read the history of a person simply by touching his objects which appear to emanate sounds, smells, images, tastes and even emotions.

If, for example, a psychic holds a shirt, he can tell about the nature, personality, appearance and history of the wearer of the shirt. So much so, the psychic can also tell what the person did, how he died and what he felt at the time of his death. For the psychics, the entire personality of the subject gets recorded in the objects that he handles in his lifetime.