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The term psychokinesis—PK-- is made up of two Greek words, psycho and kinesis. Psycho means mind, soul, heart or breath and kinesis means motion or movement. So, psychokinesis means movement occurring from the power of mind or soul.

The process of psychokinesis is almost similar to telekinesis—TK-- that literally means movement from distance. Psychokinesis is, in fact, a controlled movement of an inanimate object through the power of mind or psychic power.
 In its extended implication, psychokinesis translates into a psychic energy that can be used to influence the matter, time, space or energy without  resorting to the  known physical means. It is a kind of transpersonal influence.

The original concept of psychokinesis is based on the power of faith, which is known to move the mountains. Laboratory experiments have proved that psychokineis can distort the shape or movement of certain objects.

The most prominent exponent of psychokinesis is the Israeli British psychic Uri Geller who amazed the audiences across the world with his "Geller Effect." He could bend the metal pieces with his psychokinetic power.