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Psychic Visions

Most of us see psychic visions in our life at one time or another. We do not see them in our dreams; therefore, they baffle us with their strangeness. They are, in fact, premonitions that, sometimes, actually come true.

These visions may have some relationship with our innate desires, ambitions, love, hatred, vengeance and so on. They may leave their impact on us when they occur, but we soon tend to forget them as inconsequential occurrences.

Psychics also have similar visions, but their visions do not occur involuntarily as in case of laymen. Psychics can cause them to occur at will---whenever they need them. Herein lies the basic difference between the visions of laymen and psychics.

The visual powers of the psychics, called clairvoyance, clairaudience, sixth sense or third eye are activated as soon as an occasion demands. Sometimes, the psychics go into trance to see the visions. In this case, they see the spirits and talk with them.