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Psychic Photo Reading

To a normal eye, the photo may seem a static capture of the physical features of the person. However, a photo can say a lot about you. While an average person can look beyond the features and read the expression, the psychics can go much beyond what the eye can see and the mind perceive.

Psychic photo reading is an excellent way to know more about yourself. A picture can tell an amazing story; however a channelled message can tell you much more. Our psychics can channelize their energies on the energy fields of your photo and receive visions of the past, present, future, relationship partners, family members, work colleagues, friends, or anyone who is relevant to your reading.

Email psychic photo reading is a great option for those who do not have the time to visit the psychic personally.

Simply send us a scanned copy of your photo and receive genuine and accurate email psychic reading direct to your email account.

To conduct email photo readings, our psychics tune in the same way they would for a personal reading. They receive and write the messages which they forward to you as email photo readings. Another advantage with these readings is that you can store them for future reference also.

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