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Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums are people who act as channels or conduits of information between the people of this world and the other world of spirits and spiritual energies.

Psychic mediums usually go into trance which is either self-induced or it is induced by other psychics.  When a person goes into trance, he loses consciousness of his own body and is transported into world of spirits or a different plane altogether. People who face some difficult problems whose answers or solutions are not easily available approach the psychics who act as mediums and bring back the solutions.

Even law enforcement agencies seek the assistance of psychic mediums to trace the culprits who vanish after committing the crime and all efforts to arrest them are dashed to the ground.
Psychic mediums also treat difficult health problems that baffle the best medical experts. They find their solutions or treatments in trance. Even though the medicos disbelieve them, they are surprised to see the effect of the treatment.