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The word psychic has its origin in Greek word psychikos, which means related to soul/spirit or mind. Psychic also refers to any phenomenon that cannot be explained through common wisdom and also through the five physical senses.

Psychic ability is used to understand the issues related to soul, spirit or mind. It denotes the power of mind over matter. This power can influence the shape of things and events.

Psychic also refers to a person who possesses the psychic or paranormal powers. A psychic is, normally, born with metaphysical knowledge. He either inherits these abilities from his parents, generally mother or grandmother or brings them from his past life. In this case, his supernatural powers are only a demonstration of his continuous evolution through successive incarnations. We have heard about several child prodigies who can foretell the coming events such as death, birth, robbery, disease and so on in their family or neighborhood. Strangely enough, their predictions come true.