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Psychic Gifts

We often see or hear of children doing and saying certain things that are unusual for their age and intelligence. It is simply impossible to explain such phenomena through conventional or scientific wisdom.

We see young kids narrating the incidents of their past life even though they themselves are not aware of what they are saying. For example, they tell us the stories of their past life relatives.

When asked to explain further, they tell the names of their relatives and several other incidents or anecdotes that are known to the concerned people only.

Then, there are other children who foretell about the deaths, burglaries and health problems that are likely to happen to their close relatives. People believe them only when their forecasts prove true.

These abilities are called psychic gifts. They are either received from the parents or grandparents. In some cases, they are the result of the karmas in the past life. When these children grow up, they further evolve their psychic gifts through practice, meditation and hard work.