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Psychic Eye or Third Eye

Everyone has a psychic eye or third eye. The third eye is made up of the mind and all the senses working together as a dominant sense organ. The third eye can sense and hook up with images and relay what it “sees: into bits of information over and above your normal five sensory organs. 

Unlike your five sense organs (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste), your third eye needs to be developed or “opened.” The third eye is extremely powerful when developed and recognized properly. The ability of the third eye needs to be fully understood by the bearer can interpret the “seen” patterns correctly and not make weird descriptions.

The third eye has numerous uses. The psychic eye or third eye allows a psychic to connect with spirit guides to provide answers to your questions. The third eye is tapped by psychics to sense and control surrounding energy. The psychic eye is an element of empathy.  Empathy is really understanding or imagining the intensity of the feelings of another person. Empathy is feeling along with a person as opposed to sympathy where you feel sorry for someone.

The psychic eye can be used to tap the surrounding energy of a person and make a visual interpretation out of the said energy.  Psychics use their third eye to translate the intangible nature of the surrounding energy into something that is visual and tangible.

The psychic eye can “see” the outcome of the energy surrounding a person but not the energy itself. The psychic eye processes information and images “seen: and transmits them for interpretation to the rest of the five sensory senses. In effect the psychic eye “sees” energy through the interpretation of the fivesenses. Psychics have mastered the ability of sensing and interacting with their third eye to be able to give you the guidance you seek.

The psychic eye is a real ability more than being magical. The eyes are made to see. The mind is made to superimpose information to the rest of the sensory senses. The brain processes images seen. The brain transmits the images in the form of something that can be seen. Images or information processed by the brain can come from both the natural eye and the third eye. Aura is one interpreted outcome of messages relayed from the third eye.

What the third eye “sees” is subject to interpretation which becomes vulnerable to misinterpretation. The third eye is a legitimate sense but it is a “meta” sense. The third eye is unlike the five natural senses. The five natural sensory senses are functional from birth. The third eye needs to be used so it can be developed.

When the ability of the third eye is not used or suppressed, its ability will diminish.  The third eye will work only if it is used. Psychics constantly use and tune in to their third eye, thus it is fully developed.

How the psychic eye or third eye is used determines the skills of what the third eye can “see.”