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Psychic Experience

Quite often we have certain experiences that are real and true and yet their occurrence cannot be explained by any stretch of imagination or logic. 

You are short of money for an important project. You do not know how to arrange it and suddenly you get a message of huge inheritance from a long forgotten relative.

Such an experience may take an unpredictable form. You see a vision of some ominous event, but dismiss it as a figment of imagination. You have planned to go for a vacation. You are informed of cancellation of flight just about the time you are leaving your apartment for the airport. A few hours later, you hear of an earthquake at the place you wanted to visit. 

You hear a voice in your mind or imagination about some imminent occurrence.  Suddenly you hear the same voice on the telephone telling you about the arrest of the burglar who had taken away your credit cards and some gold jewelry.
Such a kind of inexplicable experience is called psychic experience.