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Psychic Encounter

Most of us come across strange, inexplicable events, circumstances or people in our life. They happen all of a sudden when we are least prepared for them. They have very serious implications for our present and future. They may offer a bright dream like future, or, they may point to an ominous turn of events.

You may, for example, hear footsteps on the stairs to your bedroom. The door is closed and you see an apparition made of light. He reminds you of an unredeemed debt that you owed him either in the distant past or even in your past life. You are jolted out of your wits. Next day you hear of a heavy loss in your stock market investments. 

Sometimes, you meet a person on your way to your office. He looks meaningfully at you, smiles and vanishes. The moment you reach your office, you have a letter of congratulations on your promotion in your job.
Such types of ‘meetings’ are called psychic encounters.