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Psychic Dreams

Dreaming is a normal feature of our sleep, but some dreams are more significant than others. They have deep implications for our life. They point out towards our future or other vital problems that have a great bearing on our wellbeing. Such dreams are called psychic dreams.

Psychic dreams are of different kinds.  Some are inspirational and indicate a better future and how we can achieve that.  Then, there are other dreams that are ominous and scare us with unimaginable fears. These dreams have deep impact on our emotional life

There are lucid dreams which are of very special kind. In such dreams, you are aware that you are seeing a dream and yet the dream world appears to you to be real like the world when you are awake. A wonderful feature of lucid dreams is that you can manipulate them the way you like. For example, you can jump down a plane from the dizzy heights even if you have never seen a parachute.