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Psychic Academy

A psychic academy is an educational institution that aims at training the students to become psychics or diviners. The teachers at the academy are expert and experienced psychics. They teach both the theory and practice of psychics to the pupils.

The theoretical aspect of teaching includes subjects like metaphysics, paranormal, spiritualism, channeling, spirits, spirit communication, telepathy, clairaudience, tarot reading, crystal gazing and several other abstract subjects that deal with supernatural powers.

The practical teaching at the psychic academy includes training the pupils in meditation, mind control, development of six sense, intuition and putting into practice all other subjects that are taught at theoretical level. An important feature of psychic academy, therefore, is that the theory and practice are inseparable from each other. Mere theoretical knowledge is useless unless it is put into actual practice.

The practical training may include exercises like card guessing, mind reading, astrology, casting horoscopes, telekinesis and numerologythat is using numbers for divination etc. There are several psychic academies in UK and USA.