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PSI, pronounced si, is a Greek letter that is used to describe any ostensibly strange event that cannot be explained through scientific or conventional knowledge. It is also a short form for psychics or psychokinesis.

Psi stands for psychic or paranormal phenomena including ESP (extra sensory powers or perception), telekinesis, clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, tarot reading, numerology, mediumship or channeling, communicating with ghosts and spirits, etc. The term was, first, coined by BP Weisner and propagated by R H Thouless in 1942.

Psi experiences are generally metaphysical in nature, which means that they are beyond the realm of physical matter. They cannot be explained by the conventional wisdom. They are, therefore, beyond the grasp of five physical senses.
Psi phenomena are deeply associated with abstract concepts like intuition, hunches, sixth sense, third eye, precognitive dreams and lucid dreams, etc., in short, all the psychic abilities that appear strange, inexplicable and yet true.