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The word premonition owes its origin to a Latin word praemonēre, which means to have a forewarning of the future events. Premonition is somewhat like precognition with a subtle difference that while precognition is a clear visualization of the future; premonition is a kind of impression or sensation of the coming events.

It is warning of the future occurrence. You have an intuition, a feeling that something, usually ominous, is going to occur. This intuition, by its very nature, occurs on its own. You cannot create it or force it to occur.

Although premonition is associated generally with ominous occurrence, it need not necessarily be that if one goes by its literal meaning. A psychic can have a premonition of happy future occurrences as well.

While premonition may be just a sensation or an undefined feeling in case of laymen, it can come with a picturesque clarity with psychics and they can command it to happen whenever they need it.