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Pisces - The Fish (Feb 20 - March 20)

Pisces is a watery and negative sign, and is ruled by the two planets Jupiter and Neptune. Its symbol is the two fishes, attached yet turning in opposite directions, which describes the dual nature of those born under this sign, which often intend one thing and do another.

Pisces are exceedingly romantic, kind hearted and emotional.  They are fond of comport and quiet life, and they will invariably take the easiest path that offers itself. They are also fond of animals and children and may have considerable influence over them, ruling them by kindness rather than severity. They may become powerfully attracted towards the study of the occult, and if very weak, may be completely ruled by superstition. Their telepathic and intuitive powers are often highly developed, and may make good mediums, thought readers and psychic investigators.

Professions and Occupations

Travel, especially on the water seems to exert a great fascination for Pisces people and this coupled with their characteristic love of delving into the mysterious and unknown may produce a genius for exploration. Pisces may also have a strong gift for music, literature and philosophy, occupations in which their intense imagination can have full play.

Marriage and Friendship

Pisces are most deeply in harmony with Cancer and Scorpio. They are full of sentiment, and their sympathy is easily excited. They like to be patted and fussed over, and are often very attractive to the opposite sex.