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A paranormal experience is one that is beyond the range of normal experience or scientific rationalization. Most people have paranormal experiences in one form or another, but they tend to ignore them. For example, why does a radio play the song that you are thinking of as soon as you switch it on?

Some times you come to know who is trying to call you up on the telephone even though there may not be any reason to guess his identity. We, sometimes, get an inkling of what is going to happen in the near future without offering any explanation for the foreknowledge. Sometimes, you wish a thing to happen and it happens.

All these are the examples of paranormal occurrences. The difference between a psychic and a common person is that while a psychic can command the occurrence of paranormal events, they occur on their own in case of ordinary people.
The reason behind this difference is that a psychic is either blessed with such powers from his birth or trains to acquire them.