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Palmistry is the art of divining the future of a person by studying the palm of the hand.  This knowledge originated from India around 5,000 years back. The first book on Palmistry was written by Sage Valmiki. It was in verse form and comprised 567 stanzas.

Thereafter, this knowledge traveled to other countries such as China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt and Greece. The palm consists of lines and mounts and they are the indicators of the personal traits of the individual and also his future.

It is also believed that the lines and mounts keep changing with time depending upon the karmas of the person. Therefore, the fate lines, a person is born with, may change in course of time. This establishes the fundamental truth about the life of a person: it is his karmas that determine the present and future. It is believed that while the right hand depicts the future, the left hand reveals the past.