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Out Of Body Experiences

The term out- of- body experience was first coined in 1943 by GNM Tyrrell in his book Apparitions. An out- of -body experience is an experience or sensation of floating out of the body.

The entity that goes out of our body is our apparition or spirit or soul that is formed of light and is similar to our body. It is so subtle that it can go out and come back to the body. Since it is a form of subtle light, it transcends the limitations of the physical body and can work and move freely. It can feel, see and hear what is, otherwise, not possible   through the five physical senses. It can go into higher astral planes or the world of the spirit.

It is believed that one out of every ten people have out-of-the-body experience at one time or another in their life. Out-of-the-body experience, sometimes, also occurs when a person is nearly dead—pronounced clinically dead. It is, then, called near-death-experience.