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Ouija Board

Ouija Board is a talking or a messaging board and is used to communicate with the spirits. The communication takes place by using the letters, number or symbols that are borne on the flat board.

The board uses a planchette, which is a triangular, or a heart shaped board and is used to communicate or interpret the messages or answers from the spirits to the questions that the psychic asks on behalf of his clients. According to the psychics, the spirit or some supernatural force moves the planchette to answer the questions of the clients.

Most psychics go into trance while they use the Ouija Board. Obviously, the role of the psychic is suspended in course of the communication with the spirits because it is, basically, his spirit that communicates with the spirits on the other plane.

Although Ouija is a trademark for a talking board presently sold by Parker Brothers, it generally refers to any such board that is used to communicate with the spirits.