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Omens Of Saturn

Saturn is considered a “ringed jewel in the sky.” It takes around 30 years to go around the sun. So it enters in any one sign once in two and a half years.

Saturn is the god of agriculture. People read omens in its movement and position around the Sun more especially when some changes occurred around the sun. For example, a halo around the Sun was an omen for heavy rains.

The entry of Saturn into the Moon gave an omen that the kingdom of truth would prevail over the falsehood and deceit. There would be good luck, welfare, peace and prosperity all over the land and sea.

If any planet opposite the moon changed color during the entry of Saturn in it, it was considered a bad omen for animal kingdom. The lions would die, the cattle would be slaughtered and life in the land would come to a standstill. All progress would stop.