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Omens Of Jupiter

Jupiter is a guru planet that is full of light and wisdom. It is considered the ‘Shepherd of Stars.” Romans looked upon Jupiter as their lord. The brightness of its color, position and movements could point to the events and things that might happen to the king, the land and its inhabitants including the animals. A bright color of Jupiter was considered a harbinger of prosperity and preeminence to the kingdom.

The culmination of Jupiter indicated peace for the king and his subjects. It pointed to the end of trials and tribulations of the people. There would be a sense of security all over the country. There would be no wars with the kings of the neighboring lands.

Its brilliant color over the Tropic of Cancer meant that the agriculture would provide bumper crops and an era of plenty. Gods would be more willing to listen and grant the prayers of the people. If it stood fast in the morning, it was a bad omen for the country as its enemies would become stronger.