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Numerology is a mystical science of numbers that is used by the psychics to analyze the nature and personality of an individual and predict his future. Numbers and digits are not just abstract mathematical symbols. They carry immense spiritual potential to determine the present and future life pattern of each one of us.

The basic requirement in numerology is the name, the date and place of birth of the person. Each alphabetic letter in this data has a certain numerical value. These numerical values are subjected to certain mathematical calculations to arrive at a single digit. Each digit starting from zero to 9 has mystical significance in numerology and helps in divining his future.

Numerology has been a popular source of divination since ancient times. In fact early mathematical theories and concepts had strong spiritual connotations. According to St. Augustine of Hippo (A D 354-430), "Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth." Pythagorus is considered as the father of modern Numerology as his mathematical system is used for divination.