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New Age

The term New Age is a short form for New Age Movement which has recently come into being as a protest against the regimented and centralized religious beliefs that prohibit the expression of individual views. New Age Movement, therefore, has ushered in an era of democratic freedom for the individual to think and live the way it suits him best in spiritual matters and reach his highest potential.

New Age Movement has taken within its ambit a wide array of spiritual beliefs and systems such as cosmology, astrology, atheism, pantheism, monotheism, polytheism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Neo-paganism, Theosophy psychology, psychics, physics, witchcraft, paganism, dance, music and pursuit of any spiritual course.

The movement strongly rejects religious doctrines and dogmas. It encourages every individual to make an eclectic approach to every spiritual or religious belief in the world—take what he considers best and reject that does not appeal to him. The worldwide acceptance of Yoga, Karate, Karma, Om, Nirvana, Feng Shui etc can be attributed the influence of the New Age Movement.