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Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences or NDEs refer to the experiences of those people who are almost dead -- clinically dead, but somehow come back to life due to cardiac resuscitation or other modes of treatment etc.

Although near death experiences have been narrated by countless people since times immemorial, their regular documentation started with Raymond Moody, Jr’s book “Life After Life” published in 1975. The widespread interest sparked by NDEs led to the formation of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in 1981.

A Gallup poll states that around 8 million Americans have had the near death experiences, but commentators like Simpson claim that the actual number is much higher in view of most people feeling insecure about narrating them.

The nature of the near death experience actually depends upon the type of life a person may have lived. While a person with a criminal background may experience immense torture for his criminal acts, one who has lived a pious life may see peaceful and blissful transfer from this life to another one.