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The word mysticism suggests certain practices or pursuits that simply mystify a person. Mysticism or mystery religion seeks to establish communion with the ultimate reality, god, divinity or spiritual truth through direct experience, intuition, meditation and similar other methods. Mysticism involves observance of certain practices that defy logic and the results of those practices further mystify the observers.
Most prominent religions of world including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Witchcraft, Sufism, Islam, Kabbalah etc. have mystic traditions and their followers.

Some rituals, for example, practiced by the Witches are denounced by the skeptics as superstition, but they still mystify us by their results. Similarly, the practices of Feng Shui, the existence of positive and negative energies, spirits, channelism, mediumship and spiritual vibrations cannot be logically explained but their practical results mystify the observers.

Mysticism is a kind of divine science and its practices, experiments, experiences and results can be replicated, but cannot be explained in mundane terms.