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The word Metaphysics is composed of two words, meta and physics. While ‘meta’means hidden, beyond or after, ‘physics’ refers to physical reality or the visible matter. The subject of Metaphsyics, therefore, studies what lies beyond the visible matter. It examines the nature of reality and relationship between the mind and matter.

Metaphysics takes into its ambit the study of cosmology, ontology and epistemology. It seeks to explain the realities that are not easily understood or experienced through our worldly wisdom and physical senses. It includes the realities and the entities that exist beyond the visible or objective world. These entities are God, goddesses, spirits, ghosts, angels, soul, energy vibrations, time, space and celestial beings.

Other issues include the mind and its powers such as intuition, telepathy, telekinesis, clairaudience, magic, clairvoyance, clairsentience, crystal gazing, tarot reading, and meditation and so on. Metaphysics seeks to prove the existence of abstract, non-objective, non-human and celestial realities through their impact on our life rather than through scientific or deductive reasoning.