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Leo - The Lion (July 23 - Aug 21)

Leo is positive and fiery sign, ruled by the ardent, masculine and strongly magnetic Sun. It is symbolized by the Lion, being the king of beasts. A person born under this sign are loyal, have great courage, energy, dignity and a gift for leadership. They are also affectionate, sympathy and warmth of heart. Their love embraces the whole of humanity and their loyalty is such that they will defend their family and friends.

The nature of Leo is essentially so simple and noble. They are utter strangers to fear, both physical and moral.

Leo’s ambition is great and their strength of will considerable, so that it is not surprising that they usually surmount all difficulties that lie between them and their goal.

Professions and Occupations

Leo produces rulers, soldiers, statesmen, church dignitaries, and governors, leaders and managers of every kind. Financiers, captain of industry, bankers, jewelers, and goldsmiths are also born under its rays. On the artistic side, Leo love of colour, action and display may produce talent for the stage, literature and painting. They are a natural entertainer who enjoys a thorough going love of life and all its pleasures.

Marriage and Friendship

Being extremely affectionate themselves, Leo are ruled by affection, kindness, loyal and considerate therefore they make the finest marriage partners, parents and friends.

Those born under Leo have the closest ties of affection with Aries and Sagittarius.