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Karmic Astrology

Karmic astrology believes in the theory of karma or action, which is based primarily on the Hindu philosophy of as you sow so, shall you reap. Your actions determine their consequences. Moreover, if you sow one seed, it grows into a full-blown tree full of countless fruit. Consequently, if you sow a thorn tree, you will reap countless thorns.

It is like Hosea’s prophecy mentioned in the Bible: "They Sow the Wind, and Reap the Whirlwind"--Hosea 8:1-14.

It is also akin to the belief in Witchcraft, which says that the good or bad that you do comes back three fold. This is the reason why good witches forbid the use of witchcraft for evil intentions.

According to Karmic astrology, the life and circumstances of each human being are the result of his/her actions in the past life. If a person does good/ evil deeds in his present life, he will bear their consequences in the same life, failing which in the next life.