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Intuition means knowing something instinctively without the use of any rational process or deductive logic. The word has its origin in Latin word ‘'intueri' which roughly means to look within. Intuition is a nature’s gift to human beings, which has been frittered away because of over dependence on scientific wisdom.

Quite often we feel or sense the imminent occurrence of some event but we often tend to disregard this inner feeling as mere superstition, fantasy, unfounded fear or wishful thinking.

Sometimes we feel like hearing some song and strangely enough the radio plays it as soon as we switch it on. In the same way we identify the caller on the telephone even if he may be a lost friend. This is intuition. According to Theologian, Florence Scovel Shinn, it “is a spiritual faculty that doesn’t explain, but simply points the way.” It is our mental GPS device. As Dawn McIntyre rightly says, “it is our divine source talking to us.”