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How To Save Fledgling Relationships


Like anything else in life, relationships also encounter their ups and downs, and no one can ever build a trouble-free relationship. If one, or both couples feels that something's just wrong, or they suspect that the relationship is “on the rocks”, then this would be high time for couples to reflect on their status, and do everything possible to save it. Here are a number of helpful ideas on how to save a fledgling relationship.

Talk About what Went Awry

When couples start to feel that something's gone terribly wrong with the union, it would be best if they take time to reflect, and think about just what went wrong with the relationship. One of the reasons for the fledgling relationship is that one of the partners could have been unfaithful, or someone got so depressed because he or she lost a job, or has had problems with his immediate family, or the   other person is just spending to much time with his or her friends. .

Start An Honest Conversation

To patch things up, and begin restoring a flailing relationship, it's now time for both partners to sit down, discuss the course of their relationship, in a mild and less-antagonizing manner. Couples should learn to find the right place and time to open up issues, and discuss things in a straight-forward but respectful demeanor. The discussion however, should not turn into a finger-pointing of fault-finding activity, but instead should be a time for delving light into the issues that affect the relationship, and in finding the appropriate solutions for every problem.

Ask Yourselves if The Relationship Is Worth Saving

Although it would be very helpful if couples do everything possible to save fledgling relationships, sometimes relationships do end for a very good reason. Therefore, couples should sit down and decide whether their union is worth saving. It could either be that the couple truly loves and cares for each other, and wants to improve their situation. Sometimes however, there's just too much “water under the bridge”, that it may be quite impossible to fix an already sinking relationship.

Seek Professional Counseling

If you feel like you need it, why not seek professional advice? There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking help from others. You could try asking for advice from your priest, pastor, rabbi or Imam, and other religious elder. A visit to the nearest marriage counselor or psychiatrist could also bring positive results. You could even ask for help from psychic readers and counselors, as these people could provide a more in-depth and out-of-this world overview on the reasons why the relationship is flagging. 

According to most relationship experts, most marriages or romantic unions fail because couples simply refrain or stop sharing their thoughts, as well as the details of their daily lives, with each other. For example, a guy could tell his girlfriend about what happened at work or school, and then the next day decides to shut up, and not talk about anything. Couples should learn to open up to each other, over and over again.