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A halo is a circle or a disc of light that is often shown around the heads of angels, saints, gods, goddesses and other sacred and divine personalities in their photos. The light is an indicator of the piety and the divine status of the personality around whom it is shown.

Halo is almost akin to aura and remains invisible to the eyes of the common men. It can be seen by psychics and seers. It represents the personal traits of the individual. Although a halo is usually shown as bright golden light, it may have other hues around the heads of lesser human beings. Different colors indicate different traits of the nature of the individual. For example, the bright golden color may indicate the highly elevated status of the person. In the same way a green light may indicate the calmer side of his personality. Sometimes, the colors may not be distinct but overlap each other creating altogether different shades.

The word ‘halo’ is often used interchangeably with another word ‘aura’. Both the words mean energy vibrations. They manifest themselves in form of light that surrounds the head like a circle or disc and like the thick border or the outline around the body of the people.

The light is generated by the body, or, to be more precise, by the body as well as   the psyche, i.e., the soul, spirit or mind of the person. The nature, quality and brightness of the light defines the quality of the traits of nature- the psyche- and personality of the person.

The energy vibrations also highlight the difference between the aura and halo.

The light emanating from the common people with all the normal vices and virtues is generally dim, vague and undefinable. It may comprise several colours, hues and shades. They may be mixed, overlapping or unique.  This light is called aura.
The aura, generally, cannot be viewed or felt by common people. Only the sensitive and intuitive psychics can view and analyse it. This explains why most people cannot understand each other and seek the assistance of the psychics.
Remember the most often asked questions from the psychics; Does she love me or not? Will she marry me or not? Are we compatible with each other or not?

But in some cases, the aura may also be well-defined and quite strong. This is the kind of aura that we feel in presence of some really nasty people. We cannot endure their presence and feel like running away from them. We may, for example, hate or fear them for their evil nature. The same principle applies to good people as well. There are people whose company we enjoy and cultivate. They radiate affable and likeable vibrations.        

But the light or halo generated by saints, sages, angels and other spiritually elevated people is bright white, blissful and soothing.  Halo may not be seen by the common people. But it is certainly felt and experienced by one and all. You do not need psychics to analyse it for you.