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Graphology is the study of handwriting, which enables the graphologist to understand the personality traits of the subject.  The word was coined by a French man Abbe Michon in 1872.

It was in 1930s that the Harvard University took up graphology for formal research and proved its importance in the study of individual personality. Graphology is taught in several universities of the US.
The knowledge of graphology can help experts to forecast the future of a person by studying his handwriting.

Graphology can be an important tool for the career counselors to gain insight into the habits, strengths and weaknesses of the students and provide them guidance in the choice of future careers.

It can be used as a handy tool to choose your future partner in business, love or marriage. Employers can use graphology in selecting the employees for their business management by analyzing their personality traits and management skills.

Graphology and psychics

It is true that most experts and counsellors in various fields of knowledge are able to resolve problems faced by the common people including health, relationships, business, and careers, education, litigation and many more. In the same way it is also true that most graphologists are able to study and analyse the traits of nature and personality of the people through their handwritings.

But there are quite often some problems in above mentioned and other difficult areas that cannot be resolved by experts in mainstream wisdom. Also, there are some handwritings that defy the expertise of even the highly experienced and intuitive graphologists. Such handwritings can be referred to psychics.

It is true that psychics are generally not formally trained as graphologists. But then they are also not trained as medical doctors, economists, geographers, psychologists, lawyers or academically trained experts in other problem areas of life and yet they often successfully resolve the issues that baffle the best of experts in the conventional and mainstream wisdom.
There are two ways the psychics deal with graphology issues.

One, they treat them as cases of psychometry. Psychometry is the psychic art of analysing the traits of nature and personality of the subject by scanning the objects handled by them.  The object may be a hanky, a vest, a shirt, a piece of paper, pen or a book—in short anything that is ‘handled’ by the person or comes in physical contact with any part of their body. Handwriting is much more than a matter of just a contact. It is created by the hands of the person. Psychics, can, therefore, easily scan the handwriting and reach reliable conclusions.

 Two, psychics possess certain powers such as   intuition, third eye, hunch, sixth sense, clairvoyance and clairsentience  which singly or in combination can help them to analyse the structure of letters and words that form the handwriting and predict the traits of nature and future of the writers.