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Empathy means getting into the mind of someone else so as to know how the person thinks or feels. The most common phrase to express empathy is to get into the shoes of another person.

Empathy may have its roots in sympathy as sympathy or compassion can be felt only when you truly understand the feelings and emotions of the other person. Sympathy and empathy are, functionally, two different terms. While sympathy may have an element of compassion, empathy means understanding or feeling the thought process of others.

Psychics use the power of empathy to get into the mind of the subjects or the people involved in their cases. These people may be lovers, burglars, employers, partners and so on. Psychics uses this tool to analyze how a person may have felt and acted in a given situation. They can thus analyze the conduct of criminals when they commit the crime. Several psychics are known to have helped the detective agencies to tackle the difficult criminal cases.