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Dowsing is a psychic term for divination. Dowsing has been used extensively since ancient times for the purpose of divination. It was used to reveal the will of gods and also the future of human beings. It was also used as a kind of lie or guilt detector during the court trials.

The dowsers usually use Y or L shaped twigs or rods plucked from trees or bushes to divine the hidden resources. Some people prefer the twigs of particular trees such as hazel, witch hazel, willow or peach trees. Some use freshly cut branches or brass rods.

Dowsing is also used for a different kind of divination. In this case, it is used to divine the existence of water wells. Therefore, it was called water witching. It was also used to divine or locate the buried metals or ores, gemstones and currents of earth radiation. This kind of drowsing originated from Germany in the 15th century as a tool to locate the metals.