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Divination is the spiritual expression for foretelling or forecasting the future. The word ‘divination’ is used by the psychics because they think that their job involves a divine process such as meditation and communication with the spirits of the higher planes. Earlier, there were the priests, oracles and other saintly people who were approached by the kings and the masses to divine the future for them.

Psychics generally SSare holy people who have deep faith in God and his Divine powers. They, therefore, seek the divine help in resolving the issues that are intractable through the mundane knowledge and expertise.

Most psychics have their guiding spirits that help them to see through problems. Some psychics talk with the angels or even arch angels. They delve deep into meditation to reach the higher planes in search of the truths.

Different psychics use different tools and methods to divine the future of their client subjects.  Witches, for example, normally use various forms of worship and rituals to invoke the divine help for divination.