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We have often heard the phrase: He is acting like a ‘person possessed’. It means that the mind and body of the subject is gripped or controlled by some spirit or ghost or some memories of his past life and this is the reason that the person acts in an extraordinary, strange or even an eerie way. The spirits can cause several physical and behavioral problems such as mental derangement, suicidal tendencies and several severe health conditions.

Earlier, a person, who was considered possessed, had to be rid off the control of the spirit. The term used for this process was exorcism, which has demonic and painful connotations. An American psychologist, Edith Fiore, coined the word ‘depossess’ to replace the old word and give it a more charitable expression.

Most psychics use channeling to depossess the person. They send the subject into a state of trance. They then question the spirit that has possessed the person and also how it can free him from its control.