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Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is a French term, which means ‘already seen’ or ‘seen before.’ The term was first coined by a French researcher and psychic, Emile Boirac in his book, "L'Avenir des sciences psychiques" ("The Future of Psychic Sciences"). The term is akin to Greek word paramnesia or promnesia, which also means that the subject has experienced or witnessed a given situation previously as well. It is like revisiting the same situation. The subject, however, is not sure of the circumstances or events that had caused that situation. But the intense experience of familiarity is, itself, overwhelming because of its weirdness. It is like a dream happening in reality.

Sometimes, the subject may have seen or experienced a situation in his previous incarnation. So, as soon as he views the same situation or person, his head starts whirling or going to the past without actually locating the time or the situation. Recognition of the relatives or the murder situations in the past life is one of the main manifestations of the déjà vu experiences.