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Clairvoyant Medium

Clairvoyance is a French term which means seeing or understanding clearly. A clairvoyant medium is usually a psychic who acts as a channel or medium to go to the root of the situation or the problem. This root is not amenable to logical search or laboratory analysis. The reason is that the root itself does not belong to physical plane. It exists only in the world of extrasensory perception.

A clairvoyant medium usually goes into trance that is either self induced or induced by an experienced psychic. While in trance, the medium sees and communicates with extra terrestrial entities such as spirits, ghosts, angels or even archangels. Some psychics have their own guiding spirits, which answer all their questions. A clairvoyant medium clearly sees the visions like we see the visuals in our day-to-day life. 

Sometimes an experienced psychic need not go into formal trance to see the visions. His clairvoyant powers are so attuned that they go ‘on and off’ as the situation arises.